Health Care in Missouri: Opportunities for Reform in 2020

HC Reform 2020
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There will be many important items on Missouri policymakers’ legislative agendas in 2020. Health care reform should be a high priority.

Medicaid spending already constitutes a third of Missouri’s budget and its rapid growth will put mounting pressure on other state priorities. Missourians will eventually have to decide between a government that sometimes provide health care benefits or a health care provider that sometimes governs. 

In addition to Medicaid, policymakers have an opportunity to address several other issues that impact health care in Missouri including: Certificate of Need law, short-term medical insurance and medical licensing regulations.   

During this presentation, Show-Me Institute Analyst Elias Tsapelas and Director of Government Accountability and Patrick Ishmael will discuss why 2020 could be a year of action for Missouri and not another year of missed opportunities.