Despite being used in dozens of development projects in Saint Louis, tax-increment financing (TIF) has failed to produce demonstratable economic benefits for the city. Not only is TIF routinely used in relatively prosperous areas in which development likely would occur without incentives, but there is little if any evidence that TIF has a net positive economic impact regardless of where it is applied.

This essay explains how TIF is intended to work, where in the Saint Louis area it has been applied, and the (underwhelming) results of its application. Click on the link below to read the entire piece.



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Patrick Tuohey
Patrick Tuohey
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Patrick Tuohey works with taxpayers, media, and policymakers to foster understanding of the conse

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Michael Highsmith
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Michael was a policy researcher at the Show-Me Institute. A native of Saint Louis, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with emphasis in economics at Saint Louis University. Michael researched budget and tax policy with the Show-Me Institute.